Another Day In Paradise

Thursday, November 4, 2010

9:45pm...children are SLEEPING!

Wow I am a little excited. Enjoying some me time....right at this moment...which consists of blog surfing and doing little bits around the house such as washing my floor that needs more attention then it gets ha ha. Anyways I was commenting earlier on how my kids just do not enjoy going to bed at all....So I decided tonight that I am going to start trying to put them to bed WAY earlier and see if they get to bed by 10:00pm. Worked for the night. We will see what tomorrow brings.
Enjoyed halloween this year. Haven't dressed up Kade before so that was kind of fun and then of course we had to match the girls because I think that is just toooo cute. So we got them their costumes a while ago..Kade was a dragon and Kianna was a butterfly as well as Ella. To say I was excited was a little bit of a understatement but anyways we all had a lot of fun. Oh yah and I got to eat some candy so that was a great added BONUS....:) Now I need to stop eating candy but it is just oh so yummy!!!!!

Today we went to the zoo....what a beautiful day for it was a whopping 21 degrees when we got home. I don't even know if we got that nice of days in the summer...if we did I missed them! ha ha! Had a great time with friends.
Off to wash the floor and maybe enjoy some pages of my book....


Our Continuing Journey... said...

Love your pictures,
totally get the whole part about not having a WHOLE lot of time to write a blogpost. I have one.....and dont really know when i will get to another one.

Anyways i love your pitures they are really cute. love the one of the two girls...looks like they know that they have to pose(Kianna in the front and Ella in the back!) love it!


smurkx photography said...

Hey Amanda... just wanted to say a huge thank you to both you and Shar for letting us use your girls! They are sooooo adorable (we've already got business off them!:) and we had fun with you yesterday! Love the Halloween pics! too cute!

Lynn said...

awwwwww! How cute are those pictures! They are all adorable and the best part is you ALL had a great time!!!!

sharmilla said...

What cute little munchkins!