Another Day In Paradise

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beware its a long one...

Well since I go through total stages on this blog ha ha (its fairly neglected) lots probably don't know what is going on over here at this household. 
Where to start, where to start....
Maybe I will start with Kade. Those who know Kade know that not that long ago he didn't have a lot of speech. We got referred to a speech therapist where they did an entry screen to see if they could help them. As it was his speech was too limited for them to do much good he needed more help than what they could offer. She mentioned to me of Providence and Renfrew both schools that offer help to children with disabilities. Children with just speech are available to go through actually typical kids are allowed to go there too (typical-kids without some sort of disability) mostly the typical kids are the siblings of kids already enrolled. 
My first thought on sending Kade to preschool firstly was that I was at home and I could help him with what he needed. It was kind of break down central around here thinking of Kade going to preschool at age 3. I thought I would just send him to kindergarten and that would be that. Not so much. Anyways our pediatrician also advised that a school like this would be the best bet for Kade. So on the phone I got with the school, they set up a tour and off we went to check out this school. 2 days later Kade was heading off to his first day of school. Wowee. I never would have thought. Reason I am talking so much of school is in 2 weeks Kade will have completed his 1st school year. How does that happen?? So my apprehension about this AMAZING school (Providence) was all for nothing as it really has been the BEST thing for Kade for sure. He first of all loves it loves it! :) Which makes me very happy. Secondly he has improved in his speech, gross and fine motor skills so much. So it turns out as we get going in school that Kade has a lot more delays than what we previously thought. Kade works with a physical, occupational and speech therapist monday - friday every week. It really is an amazing program with amazing teachers, aids and therapists to help Kade be the best he can be. We couldn't ask for better! We love this little man.
So that is Kade

Kianna just had her 2nd birthday. Can we just say ATTITUDE and DRAMA. Ha ha. She is a true girl. Not long before she turned too we were out shopping just her and I. I saw something that was adorable so wanted her to try it on...I actually think it was a pair of shoes....I will never forget what she said to me..."Mom I no like that" I was like EXCUSE ME??????? ha ha. So yah that may give you a little indication of our little drama queen that we love so much. So seems like we were just putting cards away from her 1st birthday and now we are at her 2nd. She is a chatty little thing that I'm quite sure has been part of the reason why Kade is getting to chatty as well. They both play together good....well not so good sometimes (a lot of fighting) but hey at least at the end of the day they generally tell eachother "night and love you" ha ha. 
It's so good for me even writing this to realize that all I can remember as I sit here writing is the good times. The bad, fighting moments aren't really coming to mind ha ha. Even if in the moment they seem like they are never going to end. 
Anyways this summer doesn't seem to hold much plans for us this year except for convention. So it should be nice to just relax and enjoy the summertime (if it ever comes) 
Anyways I think I have done enough of a rant today so I will try and keep it up....Changing the colors to pink always help for me...We will see
Until next time...xoxo
(feels like I just wrote a book...ha ha)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And hes gone again

Wow I can't believe how fast 1 week goes and how slow 2 weeks goes. Also can't believe that everytime my hubby comes home we are crazy crazy busy.
So this time while he was home we had the workers for 3 nights...and while we had them Cody had laser eye surgery. (Must admit I was super nervous for this ) Anyways he was super excited and couldn't wait to get it done. He's been wanting to get it done for so so so long now and finally just did it. He came home with a few popped blood vessels and serious light sensitivity on the drive home but once home slept for a hour and then seemed to be fine. Crazy.
The day he got home we also welcomed a new addition to Cody's sisters family. Kaysen John Severson. Very exciting to now have 2 boys and 2 girls on the Geck side of the family for kiddies. So yes we finally got to go and see him at 4 days old last night so nice to have some newborn snuggles again. Mommy looks fabulous as well :) :)
So now my hubby is gone again....and the 2 week countdown starts again. Next time he comes home we will be off for a family vacation to Mexico. Looking so forward to hot sunny beaches and relaxing with not a care in the world except for hanging out with my little family. Yay for family time with no cooking or cleaning involved.
All for tonight...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Already 2 weeks later

Had a great day today. An old friend, roommate, colleague came over today. I love the friends that you haven't seen in ages and you can pick right up where you left off. Love you sooo much girl! Seeing her definitely brought back some memories and it was amazing to really sit down and realize how much has changed in really not that long of a period. As I am sitting here tonight the thought is running through my head to just embrace every moment. Good or bad....they make us who we are! Of course there is always going to be moments but all happen for a reason.
Looking so forward to seeing my hubby...he comes home on Tuesday. He has been working away for about 3 months now (gone for 2 weeks home for 1 week) and to say its been a walk in the park is a slight understatement. Anyways we make it work and somehow he leaves and then the time passes and he is home again. Busy busy busy that's how I need to stay :) This time when he comes home he has booked himself in for laser eye say the least I am a slight bit nervous about it. I mean it is your eyes...he is pretty excited about it though so here's hoping all goes well.
It has been made so real lately to me of just how things can change in a instant. Recently been reading the Larsons blog and just hurting for them so much in this difficult experience. I want to be the best Mom and Wife that I can be and not let it take others going through experiences like that too teach me these lessons.
All for tonight going to go kiss my kiddies and hit the hay! :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Heres to the best Year yet...Happy New Year

Wow can't believe we are at 11:05 on December 31,2011 soon to be January 1, 2012.
Lots of new years resolutions are going through my head. While reading others blogs I realized that I really want to make blogging a part of that resolution! I love reading others blogs and keeping up on everyone else's lives a little bit...not just through facebook status updates ha ha!
So here is my list of new years resolutions that I am intending to keep...
1. Update my blog :)
2. Play with my kids more :) :)
3. Get closer to god
5. Get creative...make more projects!
6. Try and keep a cleaner house ( that one probably won't even last past January 1st...ha ha)
7. Take more pictures and keep them organized and backed up.
8. Have more company/playdates
9. Do LOTS of YOGA

So there it is...just a few things I am sure there will be much more as I think more about it.
Anyways here is to the best year yet for everyone.
Have a Happy New Year.
Amanda xoxo

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm Back

So not really sure what happened there but for the longest time I couldn't get into my blog. Used the same password to get into it today and it worked. So really need to start updating this thing again. More for me then for anyone else. I feel like this is the way that I wrote down things about our lives, maybe not in huge detail but at least wrote something down.
Lots has changed in the long long time since I posted last.
I will just go with what is going on right now....Had an eye appointment for Kade today to find out that he needs glasses..... call me a bad mom or something but is it bad that I am really really sad about this?!?!?!?!?! I cried on the way home. I'm emotional. Seriously not that big of a deal but it is kind of a big deal for me I must say. Kade has been so delayed in everything....and poor guy has been through a lot...and yes I know glasses really isn't that big of a thing but as his mommy I worry....not even quite sure what I worry about with it....Anyways according to the eye doc he is severally near sighted and his prescription is quite strong. I feel pretty bad that I didn't really notice to much. Anyways enough about that....
Kianna recently started walking...just took off one wednesday night after meeting with her best buddy Ella. Both started walking on the same night. Kianna decided she didn't need to do any of the 1 or 2 step thing she just totally took right off. Took her a couple of weeks to fully walk and now she is going. I haven't seen her crawl in a couple of days now. Why is it that it seems as though the 2nd child just grows up that much quicker than the first. Or maybe its just that we are busier that we don't spend as much time really taking in all the moments like we would like too.
Its amazing that it is the beginning of October with summer ending (well around here it seems like our summer we got in fall but anyways) the calender ending of summer anyway. Have been so enjoying kind of getting back into the groove at our house. Seems like summer is just go, go, go and now I am finally getting things done around this house of mine again :) A couple of weeks ago loved canning 178 pounds of peaches....ok maybe didn't love it but sure will love having them for the winter anyways...what is better than canned peaches...looking at all the jars (all 72 of them) makes me happy! :) :) :)
Not to much of an update really...more just chitchat for my own remembering....
More later!!!! I will be keeping up with it better I PROMISE! :)
Oh yah and a few pics of course from our crazy summer! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011


Ok so not really sure if anyone even checks my blog anymore considering I totally update once in a blue moon. Sorry about that. Life with two little monkeys is busier than I thought...ha ha. It's awesome though...loving it.
Well where to start. Lots has happened since I last updated.
We went on a trip with both kids to the Ocean Maya...Playa Del Carmen. Amazing. We had so much fun. It was much needed for both Cody and I. The kids were absolutely fantastic. Well how could they not be really when we had nothing but time to completely focus 100% on them. It was amazing...really! I definitely did not think that it was going to be as relaxing as it was great. Who really cares anyways when you are in plus 27 degrees everyday....Thinking of that I want to go back...especially today with our high of -25...sorry but YES i am complaining.

Anyways shortly after we got home was the holidays which were awesome of downside Dad got sick like flu nasty sick on Christmas day and spent most of it in bed. Seriously sooooooo dissapointing....everyone hanging out and getting together eating (all day..ha ha) and he is upstairs in bed. So hopefully next Christmas doesn't bring anyone else sick because that was a serious bummer. All in all though Christmas was fabulous as usual everyone got spoiled...and loved it!
The kids are getting big...Tried the whole potty training thing with Kade and man is he ever NOT READY...ha ha would stand and pee on the floor (15 million times) and not even notice. So we decided that we would wait a little longer...considering his delays I'm not surprised in the least bit. Anyways we will wait a couple of months and give it a go again. (Potty training is NOT the way ha ha)
Another great thing at our house....our basement is finally done...after only 3 years of being in construction....seriously! My busy busy hubby finally had time over the summer and promised me it would be done by Christmas...and except for one door that is on order...its complete!!! Its amazing I must say. It's crazy how much time we actually spend down there now. I LOVE IT and Kade loves having a little play area as well.
Anyways enough of my babbling for day....Hope everyone is doing great!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

9:45pm...children are SLEEPING!

Wow I am a little excited. Enjoying some me time....right at this moment...which consists of blog surfing and doing little bits around the house such as washing my floor that needs more attention then it gets ha ha. Anyways I was commenting earlier on how my kids just do not enjoy going to bed at all....So I decided tonight that I am going to start trying to put them to bed WAY earlier and see if they get to bed by 10:00pm. Worked for the night. We will see what tomorrow brings.
Enjoyed halloween this year. Haven't dressed up Kade before so that was kind of fun and then of course we had to match the girls because I think that is just toooo cute. So we got them their costumes a while ago..Kade was a dragon and Kianna was a butterfly as well as Ella. To say I was excited was a little bit of a understatement but anyways we all had a lot of fun. Oh yah and I got to eat some candy so that was a great added BONUS....:) Now I need to stop eating candy but it is just oh so yummy!!!!!

Today we went to the zoo....what a beautiful day for it was a whopping 21 degrees when we got home. I don't even know if we got that nice of days in the summer...if we did I missed them! ha ha! Had a great time with friends.
Off to wash the floor and maybe enjoy some pages of my book....