Another Day In Paradise

Friday, January 14, 2011


Ok so not really sure if anyone even checks my blog anymore considering I totally update once in a blue moon. Sorry about that. Life with two little monkeys is busier than I thought...ha ha. It's awesome though...loving it.
Well where to start. Lots has happened since I last updated.
We went on a trip with both kids to the Ocean Maya...Playa Del Carmen. Amazing. We had so much fun. It was much needed for both Cody and I. The kids were absolutely fantastic. Well how could they not be really when we had nothing but time to completely focus 100% on them. It was amazing...really! I definitely did not think that it was going to be as relaxing as it was great. Who really cares anyways when you are in plus 27 degrees everyday....Thinking of that I want to go back...especially today with our high of -25...sorry but YES i am complaining.

Anyways shortly after we got home was the holidays which were awesome of downside Dad got sick like flu nasty sick on Christmas day and spent most of it in bed. Seriously sooooooo dissapointing....everyone hanging out and getting together eating (all day..ha ha) and he is upstairs in bed. So hopefully next Christmas doesn't bring anyone else sick because that was a serious bummer. All in all though Christmas was fabulous as usual everyone got spoiled...and loved it!
The kids are getting big...Tried the whole potty training thing with Kade and man is he ever NOT READY...ha ha would stand and pee on the floor (15 million times) and not even notice. So we decided that we would wait a little longer...considering his delays I'm not surprised in the least bit. Anyways we will wait a couple of months and give it a go again. (Potty training is NOT the way ha ha)
Another great thing at our house....our basement is finally done...after only 3 years of being in construction....seriously! My busy busy hubby finally had time over the summer and promised me it would be done by Christmas...and except for one door that is on order...its complete!!! Its amazing I must say. It's crazy how much time we actually spend down there now. I LOVE IT and Kade loves having a little play area as well.
Anyways enough of my babbling for day....Hope everyone is doing great!


Our Continuing Journey... said...

Awe your pictures from your trip are so cute!! Still haven't seem them all.... That one of kade and kianna is so cute... And of course the family one too.

Right ya good luck with the whole potty training thing... I am not looking forward to it when the day comes!! LOL

Natasha said...

It's great to finally get a bit of an update!
Brody and I might go somewhere hot this winter as well, but we're trying to figure out if we will take Vyla or not. I'm glad to know that you still found it relaxing with both kids.

Jessica and Kalvin said...

Great Mexico pics! Makes me wanna go back.... when it's so cold like you say! Yay on the basement!

Mori said...

you are brave travelling with 2 kids!

Lynn said...

awwwwww Love the picures!!!! I haven't seen any of them!!! SO glad you guys got to go away! Fun times!!!