Another Day In Paradise

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beware its a long one...

Well since I go through total stages on this blog ha ha (its fairly neglected) lots probably don't know what is going on over here at this household. 
Where to start, where to start....
Maybe I will start with Kade. Those who know Kade know that not that long ago he didn't have a lot of speech. We got referred to a speech therapist where they did an entry screen to see if they could help them. As it was his speech was too limited for them to do much good he needed more help than what they could offer. She mentioned to me of Providence and Renfrew both schools that offer help to children with disabilities. Children with just speech are available to go through actually typical kids are allowed to go there too (typical-kids without some sort of disability) mostly the typical kids are the siblings of kids already enrolled. 
My first thought on sending Kade to preschool firstly was that I was at home and I could help him with what he needed. It was kind of break down central around here thinking of Kade going to preschool at age 3. I thought I would just send him to kindergarten and that would be that. Not so much. Anyways our pediatrician also advised that a school like this would be the best bet for Kade. So on the phone I got with the school, they set up a tour and off we went to check out this school. 2 days later Kade was heading off to his first day of school. Wowee. I never would have thought. Reason I am talking so much of school is in 2 weeks Kade will have completed his 1st school year. How does that happen?? So my apprehension about this AMAZING school (Providence) was all for nothing as it really has been the BEST thing for Kade for sure. He first of all loves it loves it! :) Which makes me very happy. Secondly he has improved in his speech, gross and fine motor skills so much. So it turns out as we get going in school that Kade has a lot more delays than what we previously thought. Kade works with a physical, occupational and speech therapist monday - friday every week. It really is an amazing program with amazing teachers, aids and therapists to help Kade be the best he can be. We couldn't ask for better! We love this little man.
So that is Kade

Kianna just had her 2nd birthday. Can we just say ATTITUDE and DRAMA. Ha ha. She is a true girl. Not long before she turned too we were out shopping just her and I. I saw something that was adorable so wanted her to try it on...I actually think it was a pair of shoes....I will never forget what she said to me..."Mom I no like that" I was like EXCUSE ME??????? ha ha. So yah that may give you a little indication of our little drama queen that we love so much. So seems like we were just putting cards away from her 1st birthday and now we are at her 2nd. She is a chatty little thing that I'm quite sure has been part of the reason why Kade is getting to chatty as well. They both play together good....well not so good sometimes (a lot of fighting) but hey at least at the end of the day they generally tell eachother "night and love you" ha ha. 
It's so good for me even writing this to realize that all I can remember as I sit here writing is the good times. The bad, fighting moments aren't really coming to mind ha ha. Even if in the moment they seem like they are never going to end. 
Anyways this summer doesn't seem to hold much plans for us this year except for convention. So it should be nice to just relax and enjoy the summertime (if it ever comes) 
Anyways I think I have done enough of a rant today so I will try and keep it up....Changing the colors to pink always help for me...We will see
Until next time...xoxo
(feels like I just wrote a book...ha ha)


Lynn said...

Love the new blog look and Love the story! You are right you do only remember the good times.... but those are the best anyways.....
too cute!

sassta said...

Good to hear from you!