Another Day In Paradise

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And hes gone again

Wow I can't believe how fast 1 week goes and how slow 2 weeks goes. Also can't believe that everytime my hubby comes home we are crazy crazy busy.
So this time while he was home we had the workers for 3 nights...and while we had them Cody had laser eye surgery. (Must admit I was super nervous for this ) Anyways he was super excited and couldn't wait to get it done. He's been wanting to get it done for so so so long now and finally just did it. He came home with a few popped blood vessels and serious light sensitivity on the drive home but once home slept for a hour and then seemed to be fine. Crazy.
The day he got home we also welcomed a new addition to Cody's sisters family. Kaysen John Severson. Very exciting to now have 2 boys and 2 girls on the Geck side of the family for kiddies. So yes we finally got to go and see him at 4 days old last night so nice to have some newborn snuggles again. Mommy looks fabulous as well :) :)
So now my hubby is gone again....and the 2 week countdown starts again. Next time he comes home we will be off for a family vacation to Mexico. Looking so forward to hot sunny beaches and relaxing with not a care in the world except for hanging out with my little family. Yay for family time with no cooking or cleaning involved.
All for tonight...

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Jessica and Kalvin said...

Your post sounds a little like mine... Kalvin just left for a little stint away (about 10 days or so)... and then going to Mexico on Feb 8th... where are you guys staying??