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Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm Back

So not really sure what happened there but for the longest time I couldn't get into my blog. Used the same password to get into it today and it worked. So really need to start updating this thing again. More for me then for anyone else. I feel like this is the way that I wrote down things about our lives, maybe not in huge detail but at least wrote something down.
Lots has changed in the long long time since I posted last.
I will just go with what is going on right now....Had an eye appointment for Kade today to find out that he needs glasses..... call me a bad mom or something but is it bad that I am really really sad about this?!?!?!?!?! I cried on the way home. I'm emotional. Seriously not that big of a deal but it is kind of a big deal for me I must say. Kade has been so delayed in everything....and poor guy has been through a lot...and yes I know glasses really isn't that big of a thing but as his mommy I worry....not even quite sure what I worry about with it....Anyways according to the eye doc he is severally near sighted and his prescription is quite strong. I feel pretty bad that I didn't really notice to much. Anyways enough about that....
Kianna recently started walking...just took off one wednesday night after meeting with her best buddy Ella. Both started walking on the same night. Kianna decided she didn't need to do any of the 1 or 2 step thing she just totally took right off. Took her a couple of weeks to fully walk and now she is going. I haven't seen her crawl in a couple of days now. Why is it that it seems as though the 2nd child just grows up that much quicker than the first. Or maybe its just that we are busier that we don't spend as much time really taking in all the moments like we would like too.
Its amazing that it is the beginning of October with summer ending (well around here it seems like our summer we got in fall but anyways) the calender ending of summer anyway. Have been so enjoying kind of getting back into the groove at our house. Seems like summer is just go, go, go and now I am finally getting things done around this house of mine again :) A couple of weeks ago loved canning 178 pounds of peaches....ok maybe didn't love it but sure will love having them for the winter anyways...what is better than canned peaches...looking at all the jars (all 72 of them) makes me happy! :) :) :)
Not to much of an update really...more just chitchat for my own remembering....
More later!!!! I will be keeping up with it better I PROMISE! :)
Oh yah and a few pics of course from our crazy summer! :)

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Lynn said...

Yayyyyy so excited you got back on! Fun pics from the summer... gotta love that last one!!! so cute!!!