Another Day In Paradise

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Heres to the best Year yet...Happy New Year

Wow can't believe we are at 11:05 on December 31,2011 soon to be January 1, 2012.
Lots of new years resolutions are going through my head. While reading others blogs I realized that I really want to make blogging a part of that resolution! I love reading others blogs and keeping up on everyone else's lives a little bit...not just through facebook status updates ha ha!
So here is my list of new years resolutions that I am intending to keep...
1. Update my blog :)
2. Play with my kids more :) :)
3. Get closer to god
5. Get creative...make more projects!
6. Try and keep a cleaner house ( that one probably won't even last past January 1st...ha ha)
7. Take more pictures and keep them organized and backed up.
8. Have more company/playdates
9. Do LOTS of YOGA

So there it is...just a few things I am sure there will be much more as I think more about it.
Anyways here is to the best year yet for everyone.
Have a Happy New Year.
Amanda xoxo


Wade and Tara said...

Happy New Year!! can't wait for more blog posts from you!! :D

T & J said...

Love the list! I must compile one soon too.. oy! Fun to complie - harder to follow through with hey? :) Can't wait to see some of your crafty projects.. if you have any of your momma's genes I'm sure they will be phenomenal! :)

Ashley said...

You inspired me to get posting! Not sure how long the inspriation will last but I did it once so far so that counts for something. Hope to see you guys sometime soon!