Another Day In Paradise

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Already 2 weeks later

Had a great day today. An old friend, roommate, colleague came over today. I love the friends that you haven't seen in ages and you can pick right up where you left off. Love you sooo much girl! Seeing her definitely brought back some memories and it was amazing to really sit down and realize how much has changed in really not that long of a period. As I am sitting here tonight the thought is running through my head to just embrace every moment. Good or bad....they make us who we are! Of course there is always going to be moments but all happen for a reason.
Looking so forward to seeing my hubby...he comes home on Tuesday. He has been working away for about 3 months now (gone for 2 weeks home for 1 week) and to say its been a walk in the park is a slight understatement. Anyways we make it work and somehow he leaves and then the time passes and he is home again. Busy busy busy that's how I need to stay :) This time when he comes home he has booked himself in for laser eye say the least I am a slight bit nervous about it. I mean it is your eyes...he is pretty excited about it though so here's hoping all goes well.
It has been made so real lately to me of just how things can change in a instant. Recently been reading the Larsons blog and just hurting for them so much in this difficult experience. I want to be the best Mom and Wife that I can be and not let it take others going through experiences like that too teach me these lessons.
All for tonight going to go kiss my kiddies and hit the hay! :)

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Lynn said...

Great post! It is always so awesome to see old friends, brings back so many fun memories! Thinking of Larsons too.... reminds us of how fast it can all be taken away from us....